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Головна Бібліотечна справа → Бібліографічна секція Міжнародної федерації бібліотечних асоціацій та закладів як осередок дослідження національної бібліографії (1965 - 2002 рр.)

впервые введенные в научное обращение источники на иностранных языках и электронные документы, воспроизведена целостная картина становления и развития секции, определены ее место в структуре федерации, состав, основные направления деятельности. Разработана периодизация ее истории, освещен каждый из выделенных этапов. Проанализированы результаты теоретико-методологических разработок секции и ее вклад в обогащение мировой теории и практики национальной библиографии и в реализацию программы УБУИМ. Осуществлен анализ проектов секции, направленных на исследование состояния текущей и ретроспективной национальной библиографии в странах мира. Обоснована необходимость включения Украины в процесс международного библиографического сотрудничества путем участия в работе Библиографической секции ИФЛА и возможности использования ее достижений для усовершенствования отечественной национальной библиографической продукции.

Ключевые слова: Библиографическая секция Международной федерации библиотечных ассоциаций и учреждений, национальная библиография, программа УБУИМ, текущая национальная библиография, ретроспективная национальная библиография, международное библиографическое сотрудничество.


Prokopenko L.S. International federation of library associations and institutions Section on Bibliography as a centre of national bibliography investigation (1965 - 2002). – Manuscript.

Thesis for a candidate in historical sciences by speciality 07.00.08 – Book Science, Library Science and Bibliography Science. Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. – Kyiv, 2004.

The thesis is devoted to the activities of International federation of library associations and institutions (IFLA) Section on Bibliography as a centre of national bibliography researches in 1965 – 2002. The work has been compiled from original sources, firstly introduced in scientific circulation. The greater part of the source base is represented in foreign languages and in electronic format.

The integral picture of the Section's beginnings and development has been rendered. It was shown that the establishment of such a section in IFLA's structure in 1965 had been objectively necessitated carrying out of bibliography deep studying, specifically national bibliography. The author has defined Section's place in IFLA's structure, its scope, aims; systematized the facts of the membership in Section and the officers of its Standing and Executive Committees during given period; valued the contributions of some individuals into the Section's achievements.

The author has suggested the next main stages of Section on Bibliography history:

1965 – 1972 – the stage of the beginnings is characterised by forming of the priority trends in its activities. Studying the state-of-art and problems of national bibliography had become the leading theme of Section's researches among the wide range of others.

1973 – 1985 – the stage of projects devoted to studying national bibliography mainly in print format in the context of IFLA's Core Programme Universal Bibliographic Control (UBC). The International Congress on National Bibliographies organized by UNESCO in co-operation with IFLA in 1977 (Paris, France) is of particular importance to the Section on Bibliography. On the one hand, it was an international recognition of Section's main ideas in theory and practice of national bibliography, on the other hand, the recommendations of Congress constituted a good basis for the further development of the activities of the Section in the realization of the UBC Programme. Section on Bibliography had concentrated on studying the aspects of coverage of documents in current national bibliography and theoretical problems of retrospective national bibliographical control. Its special attention had been given to the bibliographic control of official publications and documents of intergovernmental organisations.

1986 – 2002 – the stage is concerned with changes given rise in national bibliography producing and distribution by the influence of new information technologies. The main projects of this stage had been devoted to the retrospective conversion of traditional library catalogues in electronic formats, authority control, including the electronic resources in national bibliographies and producing the electronic national bibliographies.

The Section's contributions in the theory of national bibliography and in realising UBCIM Programme are examined. The main results are in the working out of the recommendations on the principles of coverage of documents in current national bibliography by including new types of documents; and in the determination the principles for the establishment of a satisfactory retrospective national bibliography, its methods and functions.

The Section's contributions in studying of existing practice of national bibliography products are in the reconstruction of objective picture of its state-of-art. These Section's investigations had influenced the working out of recommendations adopted by International Congress on National Bibliography and regulated the development of national bibliography in the whole world during last 20 years. The studying of new trends in national bibliographies in 1990s had helped to create renewed recommendations, which were adopted by International Conference of National Bibliographic Services (Copenhagen, Denmark, 1998). Now the investigations of expanding the coverage of documents in national bibliography by electronic publications and encouraging the electronic national bibliographies products are the perspective directions of Section's activities.

Substantiating the importance of the fulfilled investigation for the Ukraine needs the author has pointed out the possibility of its participating in international bibliographic co-operation by membership in IFLA Section on Bibliography and the necessity of using the Section's recommendations for the improvement of Ukraine national bibliography.

Key words: International federation of library associations and institutions Section on Bibliography, national bibliography, UBCIM Programme, current national bibliography, retrospective national bibliography, international bibliographic co-operation.

* Міжнародна федерація бібліотечних асоціацій та установ – всесвітня незалежна неурядова професійна організація. Заснована у 1927 р. у м. Единбург (Велика Британія). Об'єднує бібліотечні асоціації, бібліотеки та бібліотекарів. На початку 2003 р. до її складу входило 1770 членів із 155 країн. Зареєстрована у Нідерландах як асоціація, що має правову та організаційну основу. До середини 1960-х рр. традиційно була поширена абревіатура назви федерації французькою мовою – FIAB (Federation Internationale des Associations de Bibliothcaires). ??огодні прийнято вживати абревіатуру назви федерації англійською мовою – IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions).