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Ключові слова: математична модель, алгоритм, мікропроцесорна система, електропривод, цифрова система керування, дослідження моделі.


Назаркевич М. А. Синтез, модели и моделирование алгоритмов микропроцессорной системы управления электроприводом печатных машин. - Рукопись.

Диссертация на получение научной степени кандидата технических наук за специальностью 01.05.02 - математическое моделирование и вычислительные методы. - Государственный университет "Львовская политехника", Львов, 2000.

Диссертационная работа посвящена синтезу, оптимизации и исследованию математических моделей алгоритмов, которые служат для осуществления микропроцессорной системой управления электроприводом печатных машин в зависимости от величин заданной скорости, обратных связей за скоростью и нагрузкой, из осуществлением отбора и выдачи информации в моменты времени, обусловленные сигналами перехода через нулевое значение и запуске тиристоров, что повышает эффективность функционирования печатных машин.

Ключевые слова: математическая модель, алгоритм, микропроцессорная система, электропривод, цифровая система управления, исследование модели.


Nazarkevytch M. А. Synthes, models and modeling of algorithms jf microprocesor system of ruling the electrical devise of printing machines. - Manuscript.

The dissertation on competition for scientific degree of a candidate of engineering science on a specialization 01.05.02 – mathematical modeling and calculation methods - State university " Lviv polytecnics ", Lviv, 2000.

This thesis is about synthes, optimization and modeling of the algorithms of microprocesor system of ruling the electrical device of printing machines of the sheet and roll type. The construction of mathematical models and modeling of algorythms allowed to confirm their truth authenticity and remove algorithmical mistakes before the practical realization and approbation. The received analytical dependences of the tension of ruling from the tension of puthing the velocity, tension of recurring connections for the velocity and current, caused by the moment of time of tne transition through the zero of the network of nourishment and signals of starting the tyristors in tyristor transformation allowed to provide the stiffness of electromechanical characteristics.

From the analysis of the references is shown, that the control system of the electric drive of the printed machine should base on the closed control system. As the electric drive of the printed machine is inertial object with a changeable cyclic load, it is expedient to apply two feedback behind speed and load.

For machines of digital printing urgent there is a task of maintenance of speed of the main electric drive as the reprints derivated by an electrographics method are printed without intermediate media - photoforms. From here image influences quality of reproduction on change of a load of the main electric drive.

The worked out algorithms provide the functioning of vegemes of the work of printing machines. The developed algorithms provide operation of modes of operations of printed machines. It is a mode of preparatory operations, creation of refuelling speed, dispersal of the engine, maintenance of working speed, switching of working speeds and braking of the engine.

As a result of optimization of algorithms on a criterion of an amount of operators their amount at 4.83 of time in algorithm of adjusted operations, at 3.42 of time in algorithm of maintenance of working speed, at 4.38 in algorithm of switching of working speeds, at 2.78 in algorithm of braking is reduced.

The developed mathematical models of signals of ruling of putingin out information allowed to agree the functioning of microprocessor system with the electrical device. They are formed on the basis of program data and take info concideration the peculiarities of functioning of the number-analogical and analogy-number transformers.

The synthes of algorythms of functionning regemes of the work of the printing machines was carried out according to theory of algebra of the algorythms-sequences, taking info account the pealiarities of functioning of sheet and roll printing machines and numbered systems of ruling.

The optimization of algorithms was carried out according to the criteria of the quanfity of operators.

The construction of mathematical models was conducted in the measures of the theory of algebra of algorythms-sequenses. Modeling and researching of mathematical models was done on the basis of a method of mathematical induction, in the result of which the fruth of the algorythms is set up.

The mathematical simulation is executed and on the basis of a method of a mathematical induction the established reliability of algorithms of preparatory operations, creation of refuelling speed, dispersal of the engine, maintenance of speed, switching of working speeds and braking of the engine, which has supplied validation their operation even to practical realization and approbation.

The applied mathematical models of signals of management of the system of input - conclusion for want of to operation of the microprocessor system of management have confirmed theoretical results about reliability of their operation.

The constructed microprocessor system of management, in which program also is hardware realized and approbation mathematical models of algorithms. The executed verification of scientific results, which introduced on production and in educational process. On the basis of the executed researches the developed methodical instructions.

The application package is developed has allowed to conduct accounts of the function of escalating of power of management for different significances of loads.

Programs for operation of the engine in a mode of preparatory operations, dispersal of the engine, creation of refuelling speed, operation of the engine in a mode of the task of speed, braking of the engine also are developed.

Keywords: a mathematical model, algorithm, microprocessor system, electric drive, digital control system, research of a model.

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