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модель допечатной подготовки книжных изданий. Предложен способ решения общей задачи системного анализа и обработки параметров издания путем ее разделения на локальные подзадачи, каждая из которых соответствует множеству параметров даного уровня стратификации. Построена обобщенная многоуровневая схема связей между параметрами, которые идентифицируют структурные части сложных книжных изданий. Разработан метод оптимизации связей между параметрами идентификации страниц сложных книжных изданий на основе задания весовых значений приоритетности действия параметра и использования средств теории графов. Решена задача параметрического прогнозирования качества книжных изданий с учетом многих факторов, взаимодействие которых зависит от выбранных критериев и их весовых значений, с использованием алгоритма оптимизации на графах. Разработана программа расчета вариантов реализации метода прогностического управления качеством изданий для разных начальных значений весовых коэффициентов. Усовершенствованы математические модели процессов обмена данными между издательством и типографией, которые используют частичное количество информации при передаче одного знака и определяют объемы информационных потоков при неполной достоверности их передачи издательскими сетями. Предложен способ организации массивов текстовой информации, разработана функциональная схема движения потоков данных.

Ключевые слова: компьютерная издательская система, параметры изданий, многоуровневая схема связей, оптимизация на графах, критерии качества, количество информации, потоки массивов данных.

Pikh I.V. The systems analysis and optimization of parameters of issuings in publishing-polygraphic processes. - Manuscript.

Thesis on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of engineering science on a speciality 01.05.04 - systems analysis and theory of optimal solutions.. National university "Lvivska Polytechnica ", Lviv, 2004.

The dissertation the operation is devoted to development of methods of improvement of quality of printed production and refinement of the technological process of preparation and release of issuings.

In operation the browse of the technological circuits of preparation of the publications with usage of computer publishing technologies is carried out. Considered beforeprinted processes, realized by ways Computer-to-Film, Computer-to-Plate, Computer-to-Press.

Are developed the generalized technological process and informational - technological model beforeprinted of preparation of book issuings, in which the following components cooperate: the initial information as documents or files; main operations and procedures; program support; means and storage media; the resulting information.

The way of solution of the common task of the systems analysis and processing of parameters of issuing is offered by her sharings on local subtasks, each of which corresponds to set of parameters given of a level of stratification. The generalized multilevel circuit of links between parameters is constructed which identify structural parts of complex book issuings: the character, word, string, paragraph, page, section.

The method of optimization of links between parameters of identification of pages of complex book issuings is developed on the basis of the definition of weight values mportances of operation of the parameter and usage of resources of graph theory. The range of arcs of the graph represented as a square matrix, which diagonal units imitate arcs - closed loop. The search of minimum covering path between components of page setups is carried out with usage of algorithm Daikstras and program, developed for his implementation. In result it is not necessary to parse and to estimate those links between components of page, which essentially do not influence the process of the automized imposition in dialog mode.

The task of parametric prediction of quality of book issuings is decided in view of many factors, which interaction depends on selected criteria and their weight values, with usage of algorithm of optimization on the graphs. To the most essential criteria the following are referred: decorating of issuing; a colour and font gamma; a level of creation of the text and imposition of pages; saturation of the font, overlapping of colours, clearness prints; convenience of reading; the type of a paper; binding of operation; structuredness of issuing; sort of the publication. Is developed the program of account of variants of implementation of a method expected of quality management of issuings for different initial values of weight coefficients obtained as a result of the analysis and processing of expert estimations. In result the minimum covering path - optimal graph of links between selected criteria is obtained. Operating different values of weight coefficients and comparing the among themselves obtained variants of minimum covering paths of the initial graph, determined a measure of effect of the defined factor on quality of printed production.

The analysis of a state and possibilities of network technologies of modern publishing houses - main component of computer information technologies of publishing -polygraphic processes and resource of data exchange is fulfilled. The advantages of publishing networks are marked which provide: collective operation above issuings; common usage by peripheral resources; advertising of own organization and its production; effective interaction between publishing organizations, printing houses, advertising companies; realization of marketing researches.

The classification of publishing networks behind information streams, technological features, types of data links, territorial principle is developed.

The mathematical models of processes of exchange of the data between publishing house and printing house are advanced which use partial quantity of the information by transmission of one sign and define sizes of information streams at incomplete reliability of their transmission by publishing networks. The way of a file structure of the text information is offered and is developed the functional design of movement of the dataflows.

Key words: the computer publishing system, parameters of issuings, multilevel scheme of links, optimization on the graphs, criterion of quality, quantity of the information, streams of data arrays.