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Головна Філологічні науки → Лінгвостилістика творення образу України в українській поезії другої половини ХХ століття

лексико-семантической структуры образа Украины в языке поезии второй половины ХХ столетия. Определены семантические комплексы и микрообразы Украины в системе лексических средств поэтического языка анализируемого периода.

Комплексный лексико-семантический анализ номенов, означающих временные и пространственные реалии в структуре образа Украины расширяет представление о лингвостилистических особенностях анализируемых произведений.

Материалы и выводы, содержащиеся в исследовании, могут быть использованы при написании работ обобщающего характера по лингвостилистике, а так же при составлении Словаря образов и символов украинской поэзии второй половины ХХ столетия).

Ключевые слова: образ Украины, малая родина, символический образ, семантический комплекс, опим, имя собственное, номен, микрообраз, макрообраз, семантическая паралель.


Shaposhnikova I.V. "Linguostylistics of Creation of the Ukraine Image in Ukrainian Poetry of the 2nd half of the XX Century"

Dissertation on conferring Candidate Degree of philological sciences.

Speciality 10.02.01

Zaporozhian state university, 1999

Research of the Ukrainian artistic language of the XXth century is one of the actual problems of the Ukrainian linguostylistics from the point of view of evolutional aspect and in connection with a new approach to aesthetic problems as well. Under existing conditions of totalitarian regime an artificial excluding of poetic works, belonging of this period from national culture to the representatives took place. As a result a ponderable level of aesthetic language has not been investigated yet.

A traditional Ukrainian poetic theme appeared to be especially actual in the second half of the XXth century. Image of Ukraine may be considered a basic one for the poetry of the period. Nevertheless actuality of the depicted problem is determined by necessity of further research of the problems connected with linguostylistic peculiarities of creation of the Ukrainian image.

Proceeding from the above-mentioned, the suggested scientific research includes discovery and semantic analysis and hanging up of ideological lavels of lexical expressive means traditionally connected with the theme of motherland in Ukrainian poetry and lexical units closely related with this theme in the idialects of the writers of the period.

The sources of factual material are the poetic texts taken from the works of I.Dratch, M.Vingranovsky, D.Pavlitchka, V.Simonenko, V.Stus, P.Movchan, L.Costenko, Y.Slavutich, M.Rudenko, P.Osadchuk. A structurally-semantic outline of Ukrainian image can find most distinct and bright expression in their works.

The object of the analysis is the plant nominations and place-names (toponymies and antroponymies) which were brought into language of the poetic works of the 2nd half of the XXth. Century. Each nation takes care in memory its unique picture of the world and reflects it in the plant-names, people, and territories.

The following problems are worked out in the thesis:

1) Selection of the most frequently used lexical – names of plant realize connected with the Ukrainian theme and basic changes that took place in the connotative system of the analyzed lexemes in the 2nd half of the XXth century;

2) The peculiarities of the functions of homonyms which denote proper names and traditional for Ukrainian symbols;

3) Analyses of a lexical group to designate the frequent realize which conceive a symbolic meaning in the poetic language of the 2nd half of the XXth century;

4) Functions of the names of time-like realize in the styles of some writers to creation of the Ukrainian image.

5) Examination of structural peculiarities of creation of the Ukrainian image in the language of the analyzed verse;

6) Composition of the register of the key-words in the Ukrainian image structure of the 2nd half of the XXth century.

The attempt of complex analysis of lexicosemantic structure in the language of verse of the 2nd half of the XXth century has been made in the thesis. Definite semantic complexes and mikroimages of a given period, which represent the components of mikroimage of Ukrain in the system of lexical means, have been analyzed.

A composite lexico-semantic analysis of the units on designation of time-like realias in the structure of the Ukrainian image broadens conception of linguostylistics means of the analyzed texts. Materials and deductions which are included in the investigation may be used in further scientific works dealing with the problems of linguostylistics and in practice of compiling a dictionary of images and symbols of the Ukrainian poetry of the second half of the XXth century.

The results of the scientific research can be used in teaching stylistics, linguostylistics analyses of the text, lexicology, course and diploma writings.

The thesis consists of introduction, two chapters, conclusion, list of Bibliography, abbreviations and supplement.

Introduction grounds actuality of the theme, characterizes a problem study state, determines the aim and tasks of the work, its novelty; formulates the basic theoretical statements suggested for defense. Different theoretical approaches to the language of artistic poetic works, the history of problem of verbal symbolism are traced here.

The first chapter – "Linguostylistic peculiarities of plant nomination used for creation of the Ukrainian image in the 2nd half of the XXth century" – is devoted to analysis of the lexical group on designation of landshaft realias in the Ukrainian image structure. The semantic plant complexes (trees, bushes, flowers, grass, vegetables, mosses, and cereals).

The second chapter – "Realization of semantico-stylistic potential of plant nominations (toponymies and antroponymies), proper names in the language of poetry of the 2nd half of the XXth century in creation of the Ukrainian image gives the description of linguostylistic peculiarities of onomastic vocabulary in the Ukrainian image structure".

Conclusion presents a summary of the results of research and the facts of the usage of plant nominations - toponymies and antroponymies in the structural image.

Additions – a register – pointer of key-words in the Ukrainian image structure.

The work ends with the list of Bibliography and abbreviations. General work scope – 166 pages.

Key-words: Ukrainian image, native land, symbolic image, semantic complex, proper name, plant nomination, microimage, semantic parallel, onym, vhonyn.